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Internship Highlight

Denisha Underwood

SHA Mentorship 2019

Tuskegee University

Without the areas of mentorship, many talents would be suppressed. They provide mentees with the professional guidance and overall support needed to become successful. Taking someone under your wing is the pathway to that person reaching their full potential simply because someone, further along, that same path believed in them. No one can reach success on their own, so having that relationship with others that are eager to help alongside the way promotes both positivity and efficiency.

Its effective in the workforce to have colleagues that vary in different specialties that can achieve a common goal. With that internships tie in to further assist one’s efforts in the workforce and most of all provide experience and the opportunity to expand your professional network.

Kenne Benjamin

SHA Intern  2018

University of Alabama

My internship with SHA was a life changer. I never wanted to work at a small firm because all of my friends and colleagues were at Big Four and Regional firms. However, this was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. My favorite thing about interning with SHA was the opportunity I had to touch everything. I worked on audits, completed tax returns, and did some bookkeeping.

When I left SHA and started my current job at Warren Averett, I was steps ahead of other people that started with because I had experience with things other than tax returns. When Quickbooks was mentioned during my first week in the office, I did not panic. I had gotten that experience at SHA. I always said I wanted to do Audit and Warren Averett was only offering a Tax position. Because I had also got tax experience at SHA, I easily made the choice to switch. SHA did not limit me and it opened many doors for me.

Chandler Gordon

SHA Intern Spring 2017

University of South Alabama 

Interning at SHA had a huge impact on my current placement at SCA. With a smaller than usual work force — I got the opportunity to work alongside Connie S. Harris who has nearly 30 years of experience in the field. I had the opportunity to work on big time clients around most of Alabama, as she serves on the Alabama State Board of Public Accounting. 

After interning at SHA — I was hired a year later at Surgical Care Affiliates straight out of college. I was asked to talk through some processes (ex. how to perform a reconciliation) in depth during my interview. I do not think I would’ve been capable of answering those questions with only knowledge gained from college. After interning at SHA — I gained the knowledge on how things are handled in a real world situation. SHA made sure that I fully understood all of the processes that I was assigned during my internship. If there was something that I did not understand — I had the ability to ask without feeling as if I’m getting in the way (compared to working in a bigger firm where you may not feel as empowered).

Eboni Noland

SHA Intern  2015

Miles College

Why is interning important?

When asked the question, I can only wonder where I would be today without the many internships I have completed during my matriculation through college. I have interned in many financial and accounting roles, including public accounting, governmental finance, and audit. Being an intern within such a wide scope has offered me the opportunity to learn, grow, and to determine which path I wanted to pursue for my career.

Reflecting on my experiences, being an accounting intern at Sheppard- Harris and Associates prepared me for the many roles and responsibilities I hold today. During my time as an intern at SHA, I grew in knowledge of accounting, business transactions, and relationships, as well as being introduced to full-cycle accounting services. Not only has SHA prepared me for the challenging accounting field but has provided me with continuous mentorship and support throughout my career.

As an Auditor for The U.S. Department of Transportation, Office of Inspector General, I can honestly say without my experience interning at SHA my journey would be completely different. The real-world experience I received is unmeasurable. Being my first internship (and my absolute favorite) SHA gave me all the tools for success.